Now we have completed the 2019 Young Global Center of Excellence in Advanced Steels.
We received the evaluation from the doctoral students, which is excellent.
This year, new steel industries have participated that have not been part of the program before. We have also expanded the geography to Värmland with Karlstad University and Uddeholm AB, as well as new participating universities, the University of Birmingham and the Technical University of Delft. This means that we are expanding the network of participating partners both within and outside Sweden's borders.
We arranged the fifth summer research school and now we are starting to see that the business is expanding its results.

The purpose from the beginning was to showcase the Swedish steel industry and the steel region for international doctoral students around the world. This will increase the attractiveness of the Swedish steel industry internationally.

Today we have just over 40 good ambassadors for Sweden, our steel region and the Swedish steel industry.
Beyond this:
• Collaborations between participating universities have been established
• Two of the participating doctoral students currently work at Swedish mining and steel companies
• We have reported interest in coming to Sweden after completing research studies and working in the steel industry, both in research departments and in production.
• Desire for traineeships and to be part of research collaborations
• Demand for doing business with Swedish steel companies has started to come.
We who are engaged and run the business keep in touch with most of the participants. From the 2017 participants, we have contact with everyone via a LinkedIn group, to which we strive for all participants and partners to join easily to find the contacts we want to make and to build the network. It is not fully active or built up yet, but the goal is that LinkedIn becomes the summer research school's premier network site
We will arrange YCEAS 2020 and the first invitation will be sent out at the end of November / December. In 2020 we maintain the time of the last week of August and the first week of September. Already book those weeks into your planning. We look forward to being able to put together an interesting and constructive program next year.

International summer school for researchers
August 25 - September 6, 2019

A now four-year successful and highly valued international summer school, with an ever-growing international network. YCEAS stands for Young Global Excellence in Advanced Steel.

Invitation to participate here! 

Here you will find this year's program.

We invite PhD students from all over to a two-week summer school. We build Young Glovbal Center of Excellence on Advanced Steels for strong international research networks and collaborations.

The doctoral students get a unique opportunity to meet some of the most famous steel companies specialized in advanced steel. They get to experience our region. Meet people from municipalities, organizations and companies that can show how we live, live and work in our region and in Sweden. The result is that we get good ambassadors for our steel industry and our region around the world. Research collaboration is started, the network is growing and recruitment opportunities arise. All for a competitive steel industry.

It is an excellent opportunity to build a very valuable professional and personal network.

It gives the participants an experience for life!

Contact: Tiina Ohlsson,