Triple Steelix has several years of knowledge base on how to create, plan, implement and deliver projects. Several projects are underway, in which advanced steel, atr activity, strategic development and future competencies are in focus.

High Tech Steel Conference (HTSC) is an annual international conference organized by Triple Steelix. Discover the latest news, exciting ban-breaking technologies and innovations in advanced steel.

PLATIS - a project for fossil-free heating in the steel industry.
A new process will be developed and tested with the aim to replace fossil fuels in steel industry´s furnaces. The Swedish Steel Association, Jernkontoret, owns the project and it´s led by Triple Steelix. 

International summer school for researchers, "Young Global Excellence in Advanced Steel" (YCEAS). The summer school offers doctoral students a unique opportunity to meet some of the most famous research and innovation groups from some of the world's leading companies and universities specialized in advanced steel. 

Triple Steelix take part together with companies in importent Events world wide. This year we are together with ScanArc and Mårgårdshammar at AISTech.

KATIS - Knowledge building for Advanced Manufacturing in Steel related business.
Build knowledge networks for a strategic long-term competence enhancement.

FORT - The value chain of the future for Offshore, where the steel industry can play an important role in a strongly growing market when renewable energy is created by means of energy recovery from the sea.

Much is now happening rapidly in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing (3DP), with applications also for steel and metal products. Triple Steelix conducted a survey of the many small and medium-sized steel-based regional companies that can be expected to have products or services that can be linked to the new opportunities.

PIMAP - Photonics for international markets and applications. The project will help accelerate the industrial modernization process in Europe and will be a springboard for SMEs. The project will help to match photonics / technology solutions with market applications, applications in advanced manufacturing and digitization to ensure the connection of ecosystems between companies.

Sustainable value creation through circular business models is a project whose overall objective is to create implementation competence in Gävleborg in the field of circular economy in order to achieve a sustainable society.
The aim of the project is to offer small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector, tools to contribute to increased value creation and reduced carbon emissions through circular business models.