Easy to enjoy

The industrial region where Triple Steelix appears has close to everything and  at the same time a strong global link. There is everything to live a good life here.

Interesting establishments, good living, well-developed communications, good schools and childcare, a varied labor market, close to nature, unlimited leisure opportunities and culture with strong roots, which also offers unexpected surprises.

Here it is easy to thrive, live, work and develop.

We believe in the power of meeting between different experiences and competencies. It is at that intersection that things happen. Therefore, we do everything we can to bring different people together,  who can benefit from each other to develop the process industry and create a thriving business community around.

Distance in time for leisure activities and experiences:

Skiing: 10 min
Slalom: 10 - 100 min
Summer house near the forest: 5 min
Fishing: 15 min
Hunting: 15 min
Canoe: 15 min
Theater: 10 - 100 min
Event year round: 10 - 100 min
Museum: 5 - 60 min

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