Academy and research

In the industrial area there are Dalarna University, the University of Gävle, Mälardalen University and Karlstad University. Mälardalen University
is one of the country's largest universitys. Karlstad University is Sweden's
youngest but most modern university. Gävle University's research profile
is a sustainable living environment and sustainable working life. Dalarna University is the university that has grown most in recent years.

There is a steel, metal and engineering industry in the industrial region
at the forefront of a worldwide market. The success is based on the ability to continually improve the production processes, develop materials so that they become lighter, harder and stronger and develop new smart products.
Now the industry needs to replenish new skills. An example of needs-related education is the new engineering education in Materials Engineering - Industrial Process and Product Development.

Researchers who, together with companies, seek answers to various concrete problems, are examples of collaboration between academia companies.

The Academy is also a link to the international science community, contributes to more innovations reaching out to society and that more research results become commercial successes.

University: 4
Number of students: cirka 55 000
Researchers: 600
Professors: about 100
International students: about 3 000
PhD Students: about 400
Industrial PhD students: about 30