Historical results

20 (+6) new companies started - example
• Mojave Green, garden tools
• Nordic Welding Engineering AB
• Sentina Bay
• Teconova

> 40 new products and about 20 new services - examples
• Go-cart frame in high-strength steel
• SSY stainless steel patrol boat
• 3D roll forming of high strength steels

> 40 prototypes and about 40 new production processes - examples
• System for quality-proof welding joints
• Metallurgical refining of silicon from aluminum melt, further purification via hydrochloric acid leaching
• Japanese garden knives
• Automation for specialized production, band saw saw 30 new patents have been taken out by the companies

Collaboration school - business - example
• Colleges - Business sector - Supply chains
• Knowledge dissemination, Teknikcollege, Leadership training, Women and young people for industry and education
• NSCAS (Intl Ph.D level summer school)
• SIMIS - international marketing for smf
• Some 70 researchers involved

New partner organizations and partnerships - examples
• FindIt, CPC Hofors. IUC Dalarna, LIGHTer, Offshore Vest, Automation Region, FPX

• Vanguard, ECCP, COSME
• HighTech Steel Conference

Examples of collaboration partners over the years.