Sustainable steels for the future - webinar Sep 29th 1-3 PM

We meet online using ZOOM, to take part of interesting research results and innovative enterprises.
The theme for 29th sept is “Sustainable Advanced Steel Applications
We listening to:
Per Tägström, Mafi Group
Thomas Davis, Oxford University and Davis & Musgrove Ltd
Alessandra Spagetti, Sandvik AB
Simon Buckingham, Volvo Cars


Per Tägström
who is the Chief technical officer at Mafi Group. They develop environmentally friendly solutions with efficient design and manufacturing methods.
Thomas Davis from Oxford University and Davis & Musgrove Ltd. Thomas PhD is about ferritic-martensitic steels for nuclear reactors 
10 min short brake, get a cup of coffee/tea
Alessandra Spaghetti, Sandvik AB -  who  will inspire you about “Potential solutions to
withstand highly corrosive conditions in heat recovery systems”
Simon Buckingham, Volvo Cars, will outline Volvo Cars sustainability ambitions and examine the sources of CO2 emissions in a vehicle lifecycle.
After these interesting presentations you will get the possibility to, in smaller groups, reflect upon what you´ve heard.  Before we close the webinar.
Welcome to join us, read more at htsc or please register direct here!  The webinars are free of charge.
If you don’t use ZOOM already, you may need to download it from your app provider or a free web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting. You can also find more information here:
All registered visitors will get a link sent to the registered email, including instructions to support a good flow during the webinar and to eliminate disturbances.




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