HTSC - High Tech Steel Conference 3-4 september i Sandviken

Nu kan du anmäla dig till årets HTSC konferens här!  
Årets talare kommer att uppdateras kontinuerligt. 
Many significant achievements have been made to improve advanced metal in a sustainable society and there is still much more to do!
HTSC 2020 is an opportunity for PhD students and researchers to meet with industrial representatives from Sweden and other countries. The program will offer a mix of academic and industrial research as well as ongoing development of sustainable materials and techniques.

Advanced metals and processes for a sustainable future are the topics that will be raised during the conference this year. Listen to and participate in discussions or present your own research on how innovative projects can drive improvements for sustainability!
HTSC 2020 brings together some of the most inspiring and driven minds in industry and academia. Discover the latest news on exciting ground-breaking technologies and companies.
HTSC 2020 is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the latest developments and applications of advanced steel. Sign Up at !

The High Tech Steel Conference is due in early September 2020.  Currently we have very special Corona virus times with severe restrictions on travel and meetings but we hope and believe that our everyday life will be back to normal earlier than autumn and that we can run the conference as planned.